Essential advice for women


Okay, so its a joke, dont lynch me :slight_smile:


I found it funny, but you might want to check the tread on your running shoes…chuckle!:wink:


Bwahaha. This girl is brilliant…very well done…


That was absolutely hilarious.


I think you need to watch that more than once to catch all the jokes. I spent too much time laughing to catch all of them the first time! - Rich


Took me a little while to have the courage to click through. Not sure what I’d find. Funny enough in innuendo but a better sendup of a certain female YouTube woodworker who can be a bit distracting. Again, I’m trying to tread lightly here.


That’s hilarious…so says a feminist!


It’s like there was a camera in my shop. My woodworking outfit is just like that, even down to the sparkly high heels :hugs: