Essential Oil holder

I made a thing!


So that is what that thing was :slight_smile:


This is really super! The design is great and the engraving beautiful. My dearest friend sells EO and this has really inspired me to make her a cool display caddy thingy. Is it on a lazy susan or something similar so it can spin?


No first kick at the can I didn’t add rotation but I did add LED’s so the whole thing glows… because everything’s better with LEDS.


Inside. I also added a little “table” (think the little plastic piece that keeps pizza safe in a box) to the center to help with the glue down and overall structual support.


You did a fine job of it too! :+1::sunglasses:

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Everything is better with LEDs! Great job.

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It’s lovely. And it looks like it would be a really cool game! :laughing:

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Neat design!

If you decide to make it spin:,250,43298,43316

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I need to make this. I promised her I would!

It’s so pretty!

This is so very very nice…!

Very nice work. Put up photo with the lighting.

I feel “the calm” coming on just looking at this beautiful piece. Fine work!

Nice work living up to the pizza box standard! Looks beautiful.

Very pretty! (And love the side wall treatment!) :grinning: