Essential Oils - Divided Tray

Nothing particularly special about this one, other than the personal growth involved in finally developing a partially parametric file to morph the thing in F360. (One of these days, I will ask the experts how to make it fully parametric, but that will not be now…my head is pounding like a drum and running like Niagra again, so I believe it’s time to crawl away to die like a good little animal.)

Picture before I go…


Stay cool, hunny bunnies! :sneezing_face:


Nice – my Mom would have loved that.


Sorry you aren’t feeling well. When you recover, I’d love to know how you did this with no apparent finger joints. And that’s a lovely mesh detail on the sides!


Nice variation of a simple tray. You always go a step beyond. Hope you feel better soon.


Thanks guys… :slightly_smiling_face:

This might help explain it @cynd11 …I’ve just got the tabs for the dividers hidden in the base and sides:



Very clever!


I like the finger joints, but don’t necessarily want them on everything, KWIM?
(The hidden slots is one of the reasons that I can’t fully parameterize this though - I need to pick the brains of a Fusion 360 expert one of these days when my head is clearer.)


Do you mean: make the length of the tab/slots a percentage of the inside dimension of a cell (IDC). So tab_len = 0.x * IDC, so that your tab_offset = (IDC - tab_len) / 2.

This is why I can’t use any of the 3D CAD programs. I can code the above in a few minutes, but grow frustrated trying to use their interface. Then I get mad at the computer and have to walk away. So while I am envious of the multitude of advantages a 3D CAD program brings, my temperament leaves OpenSCAD my only option.


No, the coding part works just fine for determining the length and placement of the slots - where I’m getting hit in the above design is trying to make the base cutouts pick up additional generated slots when you increase the count value of certain parameters.

In other words, the formula is not refreshing, even though the tabs have been generated prior to the extrusion that creates the base and slotted sides.

I’ve tried removing the slots from the sketch as well as using bodies, and neither one worked. Currently I have to go in at three places and edit the extrusion to reselect a couple of areas, after the increased number of slots have been generated. Not a big deal, but a bit puzzling, and it keeps it from being fully parametric in display.

(For laser work, it’s fine - since the sketch is actually updated…exporting that gives you the correct pieces. Doesn’t display correctly though, which makes me think I’ve got something wrong somewhere.) :thinking:

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Oh that sucks. I’ve never had a problem with a for loop. :smirk:

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Ever since reading “The Complete Aromatherapy Handbook” by Susanne Fischer-Rizzi i’ve always wanted to make my own cabinet… The one I am planning will be a folding chest, with rows like a spice rack. BUT the ability to fold it closed to help keep down the smell of the different Essential Oils.

That being said, I love your design, it’s easy and elegant. :smiley:

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I refrigerate mine to extend them, so it had to be a tray. (Some of those things rank right up there with gold, cost wise.) :smile:

Cabinet sounds lovely though.

This is lovely!

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@jules, was this before or after I updated the slots in the file for you? I can help with the other problems if you’d like.

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Oh this was before…I had come up with a way to make it work by increasing the counts and then working backwards, but I still wanted to know the correct way to implement it for future builds. :slightly_smiling_face:

I’ve definitely never crashed anything doing any kind of loop whatsoever! My math is always perfect! Stop looking at me!!! :sweat_smile: