Essential oils shelf

I’ve been asked several times to make a universal essential oils holder that holds both 15ml and 5ml bottles. I finally got ahold of a 15ml young living bottle thanks to another user to test it out and make it. This thing is awesome! It holds up to 8 bottles per shelf, 24 total of the 15ml then since it’s a shelf this allows the 5ml to sit in there too but just looser making it universal! Spent a few hours designing this project but it turned out amazing. Some of the request was a free standing, stacked shelfs that had clear glass acrylic fronts so their product could be displayed and viewed easy. I think I got it all covered well.

Here is my shop if interested in files to make your own:


You’ve been busy! Nice storage!

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Always love to see combined resources for the win.
Came out awesome.

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Thank you

I’ve been looking for exactly this for my Silhouette Mint inks that we sell at our nonprofit! Just bought the design, and a couple of others, from your Etsy store. Thank you for saving me at least 2 hours of messing around with Inkscape! :heart_eyes:

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No problem anytime. Glad I could help