Etched Alcohol Ink Tile

Soooo this hasn’t yet panned out like I hoped it would, but it’s been a fun journey. Ill record my progress here from here on out.

I bought some alcohol inks and covered a white Home Depot ceramic tile. I was then hoping to engrave an image in and get some trippy effects, which to some degree i did. I used vary power on my photo, but im thinking convert to dots may have been the way to go, because it takes NOTHING to burn away the alcohol ink film. The image is quite washed out. I suspect this may also work better with pure black and white or purely vector engraved.

Settings are 800 Speed, 5 Power (yes 5!), vary power. The original cat image was actually inverted.

Anyone got ideas for improvements?


The ink effect was cool–but as you found, it gets etched away along with bits of the material (tlle in this case). Since this is a “test” tile, you could try applying the inks (thinned down?) after etching, though will likely be very different on the exposed porous body of the tile vs. on top of the glaze…