Etching Brass...Settings

I created a post about how I “etched” brass a while back. You can see that post here.

The settings for this action are:

Power: 100
Speed: 100
LPI: 225
1 Pass

I used a total of 3 light coats of Dry Moly Lube on some brass that I had cleaned and polished with 0000 steel wool.


No idea how I missed the original post! Sure glad you posted your settings to trigger viewing the original!


Bookmarked! Thanks so much.

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Ha ha. I probably wound not have but someone commented asking for the settings. I meant to go back and do this, but just never did. Life’s too busy right now. :wink:


Thanks for the info. Was just amazed at the time to actually engrave things. Had to split my 4x8 item into 9 chunks at almost 3hrs each.