Etching/Engrave Dice

Howdy I am looking at Etching some blank dice. I saw some threads from a couple years back about etching dice, but would love your thoughts if these can be etched safely.

The first says its acrylic , but I’ve seen folks second guess amazon material postings.
I’ve seen posts about laser engraving the second link, but have had trouble finding a material.

Thanks for any help you can offer this newbie.

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Chessex is really unforthcoming with their material, but they do answer when they’re contacted so it might be worth asking if whatever it is, is it laser safe!


You know I’ve had a blank set for years now, I always stop short because they won’t tell what it’s made of.

That and the thought of 20 engrave jobs for one d20 makes me run away.


Ok I hope this isn’t a stupid question but why would anyone buy blank dice? How is it there is a market for this?

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Because you can put whatever font/picture/whatevs on it.
Specialized to you, or your D&D character, or the game your designing, etc.


The D6 are often used for education, to learn counting.

I design board games and am currently writing/drawing on the dice, but engraving would up the quality of my prototypes, leading me to the post.


I was thinking icons would be interesting that you could could attach all sorts of things to.

20 runs for one d20 would be crazy but 20 passes on 100 of them at a time, not so much.

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I tried poker chips but the level of effort to fill in engraved areas just wasn’t worth it. A couple of dice would be fine.

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