Etching Frosted Acrylic

This should be an easy/dumb question.

When I etch into clear acrylic, I normally flip the image horizontally for a mirror image. Then, I etch in one side so when I flip it and look at it from the smooth side, it looks normal. The etching is white (see picture for example).

What would happen if I did this on frosted acrylic? Would I be able to see my image from the smooth, unetched side of the acrylic? Would the etching be whiter than the “frost” on the acrylic? Can someone show me something they did on frosted acrylic?


Doing would give the ultimate answer, However if you raised the focus point there would be less or different frost so there are many possibilities.


I’ve engraved on frosted, but unfortunately this is the only photo I could find that shows what I did.

My brother and I collaborated on a four layered stand-alone award. I suggest you just try engraving on a small piece of frosted and see how it looks to you.


You can even flood the engrave with acrylic solvent (it evaporates quickly) and get the engraved surface back to glossy.
Testing is the fun for me, and testing is the best way to achieve your vision. A treasure hunt! That gives great value to scrap material. :wink:


So, that looks like regular clear acrylic, though, right? I’m thinking acrylic that’s really cloudy/white…you can’t see through it like your image here.

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No…it’s PG frosted acrylic.


Thanks for the great ideas all, especially @rbtdanforth and @PrintToLaser! I’m going to close this thread. If you have further questions, go ahead and post another topic.

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