Etching my Drawings

I have always admired the prints of Albrect Durer and some of my drawings have reflected this especially in terms of their detail. With my Glowforge, Prometheus, I can now etch them. This is my first effort and it won’t be the last.


Oh wow! Very lovely! :grinning:

Amazing stuff. I see stuff like this, and I’m like…

I can draw stick figures…very uneven and distorted ones.


What a beautiful scene! Can’t wait to see what else you do.

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Oh wow, nice job and your :glowforge: carry on the namesake of my PRU so it lives at least in name.


Beautiful work. Pencil or ink?

Stunning !!!

That turned out really well! Wonderful drawing.

The detail is spectacular!

Your drawing is superb…and now it looks beautiful as an engraving.

It’s actually a drawing I made on my computer (Wacom tablet and Photoshop.) If I’m drawing in the wild I like using cheap ball-point pens and bristol board.


Wonderful detail. Beautiful


Really gorgeous work

I can’t stop looking! The detail in your work is mesmerizing. There’s beauty in having a a tree etched into a tree :slight_smile:


I thought the same thing as I was admiring her work this morning

Your beautiful sketches look amazing on wood! Wow!

You are right. I hadn’t thought of it that way. Thanks.