Etching on Con caved surfaces-Help!

Anyone have any advice for etching on Con caved surfaces, specifically wooden spoons?

If you do a search you’ll find a bunch in Made on a Glowforge or Everything Else categories.

I can sometimes fit them on the honeycomb bed but other times have ones where the bowl is too deep and it crosses the 1/2" threshold so be sure to measure.

I set the focal point for engraves of the bowl at the deepest part. It makes the edges of the engraves where it goes “up” the sides a little deeper because no the beams focal point is below the surface but you have to be a laserer to notice.

I do raise the back of the handle up some so the bowl is relatively parallel to the bed vs leaning at an angle. I have a rough template with oval & rectangular bowls attached to a long rectangle for the handle (I also engrave on the handles). I’ll put a piece of paper down, lightly score the template outlines and then drop the spoons in the right place because otherwise I get off center results from eyeball/camera positioning alone.


Thank you!

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