Etching on marble tile

I want to etch on marble tile with glowforge but need to know what settings I should use?

Have you searched for settings? There are several posts about this out there.

First one: Marble Tiles: Wedding Anniversary Keepsake (read/search through the comments)


Sorry, I am so new to this where would I go? I am in the beyond the manual but not really sure how to move around in it. Thank you for any and all help I do appreciate your time.

There should be a magnifying glass at the top right of the page. You can use that to search the forum. All settings are supposed to be in Beyond the Manual, so that is your best bet, but the search function will help you find options regardless. The link I gave has settings for travertine marble, so that may be a good starting place for you.

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Click on the magnifying glass and then type in what you want to search, like marble.

If you are in Beyond the Manual when you search, you’ll get Beyond the Manual results. If you are in the forum where all the categories can be seen you’ll get results from everywhere.


Also, marble is a natural material so it various from piece to piece. So while you will find settings do not be surprised if you have to experiment to find the settings that work for your marble.

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As @caribis2 mentioned, the settings to use will vary pending the type of marble, and the grains or any veins can affect it…

I did a small piece of white carrera and I think I did with the thick maple ply setting…

The setting will also vary based on the depth of etch that you’re after, so you may find you like the look at lower power or faster speed than higher power/slower speed… (which applies to any material, really).

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