Etching PCB (Copper Clad)


With the pro model can you etch off copper clad PCB material?


Copper is almost completely reflective to the 10.6um wavelength of CO2 lasers, so no :frowning: You can, however, use the laser to precisely remove etch resist and then use a chemical etching process to remove the copper.


Yes, I’ve actually seen a number of people replace their mirrors with copper to increase efficiency. I’m considering doing it myself.

I’ve thought about taking completely tarnished copper and lasering off the tarnish to make an art piece, but I would have to make sure it was at a slight angle to make sure light wasn’t going back through the lens/mirror system


We have had this discussion here before

I would be interested to hear if anyone has done further experimentation though!


The link in that earlier thread looks good.

But I was coming in to say that some people (including inventables) sell non-fiberglass pcb material that might be more friendly for drilling, assuming it can be lasered.