Etching Tile

Not sure because I did a huge jump in lines per inch

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Would you happen to have the “thing number” of the hinged 3D printed stand? I happen to have 3 3D printers sitting here with nothing to do at the moment.

It’s pretty sensitive to bad calibration. I was batching out several of them and didn’t realize that my build plate drifted a little, so I made 4 of them that are trash. You could probably fix the tolerance a little to make it less sensitive. But when you’re properly calibrated, it works great.


Oh no! another Rabbit hole to do that on the Glowforge!

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Thanks starting print now! :slight_smile:


Tiles are turning out great. These were the first things I put in the GF after the ruler (got a box of 20 of the black tiles on clearance - 17c per)

Google Photos

I’m a big fan of the Hokusai art and tried my hand at multiple colors inspired by @Lotema
but need to work on that.
I wanted the whole wave and the longer tile is nice for that. (Hard to find much bigger tiles with the right aspect ratio)
Google Photos

Interestingly the dark blue and lighter blue GreatWave were both with the same sharpie

All are just regular sharpie. All except portrait at 1000/FP/fulldots/450lpi

On portrait - just saw @DesignsByPhil 's note about the dpi (turns out when I put the slider down to 75 the power also went down to 75, had meant to do full - or may I wasn’t paying attention and that was leftover from earlier on that file) - and tried the portrait. It’s a off friend’s 30 yrs old pic that I took a pic of on my phone (I plan to will surprise him with a gift)
I do need to try @wenning08 's method:

Need also to find best/better ways to use the black tiles - the glassware one was (failed) test.


Why the 70 or 75 dots - rather than full? Won’t that reduce the ‘resolution’ - or are you doing that for the grainy effect?

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Full dot density overlaps the dots too much on my tests and takes away detail.


Just did another one
Speed 1000
Power 100 (text full power)
Dots 75
Lines 270


Oh that’s a great one. :grinning:

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That’s awesome! Yes - figured the lower dots helped you get the nice (better) gradation/gray. I had given up on a really nice b/w image/photo from a photographer friend - has tremendous depth and no way I could touch the contrast/brightness without ruining the image - so gave up, figured needed laser tile for that.
Time to give it another go - original image but now try with the lower dots.
Thank you! (and while I’m at it - for info+files on your website too)


how are you setting the ‘dots’? I get the LPI/LPCM thing (doing metric for an american guy takes some doing but… :slight_smile: ) NEVER MIND! Found it.

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The butterfly is beautiful!
Did you mask, engrave, spraypaint, then remove the masking?? so clear!

if they were smart they’d use Maker’s mark barrels.

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No mask



Wait 20 minutes

Wipe with denatured alcohol. Done.

Its 90% about the photo prep in the software you use. High contrast without removing too much detail.


Thanks. The wife is a Photoshop wizard… or maybe a sorceress? :slight_smile:


Does anyone have a link to a specific one they have used from Amazon? I’m seeing mixed reviews on the off brands. Thx

Can’t find a URL link on the phone, but here’s a pic of the ones I ordered last. No issues.

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looks like

used the search by camera in the app and the share button to find.

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even cheaper.