Etching Tile



Been doing quite a few tiles lately. I found coloring in and around only the etched portion makes it easier to clean. Leave it on for at least 30-40 mins (that was the hardest part for me…lol) Use a dry magic eraser, no water, and rub it with a little pressure. It will squeak and sound like nails on a chalkboard if you do it right…lol.
I keep all the color, except for black turns more dark grey. I have a dark navy blue marker that I put on after and that deepens the black a bit.


Ok I’ll be honest and say I haven’t tried it yet, but…

I have a technique that I made a video on for CNC v carve painting. It works on the basis that mineral spirits removes oil based paint from shellac but doesn’t affect the shellac. Works great for quick painting even shallow engravings. I have to believe that oil based paint and mineral spirits will work great here. Spray paint is usually oil based, but I use the rustolium oil based paint in a can (brush on). I’ll have to try it out,but here’s the video.

Also, have you guys tried premasking the tile, engraving, then spray paint, then removing the masking?


I had some engraved tile the the sharpie was dried out and thus made only a mess and coming back with a better marker did not improve things.

However a couple days in a puddle of bleach and it was back to the start so the good marker worked.


With any spray sealer, you need to start with just a fine light coat, wait til it dries and add another light coat. It will help it not run.


I did and it worked well. Just can’t wait too long before removing masking or it will lift the paint out of the engrave. It is kind of a pain to work with in small details


For anyone using standard white tile and using the dots method, Where are you setting the dot density at?

How many lines per inch?


I haven’t seen much advantage to upping the DPI past 225.


You mean the LPI?


I vary it based on the artwork. for of the submarine tiles I was doing I had a PDF of a “Welcome” pamphlet they printed on board and gave to new sailors. It had a picture of (amongst) other things George Washington Carver so I played with the dot density (both min & max) to get enough contrast due to depth of engrave into the tile that Carver wasn’t just a blob. I think it was 20/70.

And 225 LPI.


Wow! First go was from settings up high on the topic. Not bad at all!

600 speed
Full power
75 dots
450 lines.

Next I’m trying 70 dots and 225 lines


These pictures don’t do it justice. In person they look way better


What do you mean by 70 dots or 75 dots? I don’t see that as a GF option for engraving


The slider. Has numbers


Oh ok. I never noticed that before because the hand pointer covers up where the numbers display. I thought maybe you were eyeballing it, which you can do pretty easily for 75, but not for 70 lol


I know. I hate I reported that but not sure anyone listened

@vee is there any way you guys can fix that? The number should be displayed above the slider, not below where the mouse cursor covers it up.


And these were colored in with a marker? Looks great. In person, do you prefer how the 70 dot or 75 dot density looks?


Not sure because I did a huge jump in lines per inch


Would you happen to have the “thing number” of the hinged 3D printed stand? I happen to have 3 3D printers sitting here with nothing to do at the moment.


It’s pretty sensitive to bad calibration. I was batching out several of them and didn’t realize that my build plate drifted a little, so I made 4 of them that are trash. You could probably fix the tolerance a little to make it less sensitive. But when you’re properly calibrated, it works great.


Oh no! another Rabbit hole to do that on the Glowforge!