Etching Tile



Hey GF friends - So I did a tile using dark blue sharpie. I didn’t seal but after a week in the sun the color turned a gross black. For many of the ones shown I don’t think it will be a problem but does anyone know if sealing it would solve the problem (I also had “brush marks” with the sharpie - if anyone knows how to fix that). I picked up a Sharpie Acrylic Paint Pen the other day and am currently testing that but you have to use tape as the paint will stay on the non-etched stuff. Thanks!


Denatured alcohol leeches and spreads sharpie ink pretty well. Rubbing alcohol would probably do the same thing. Might be worth a try, make an alcohol wipe out of a paper towel and test it out. It’s how I desaturated my small snowflake tile here:


SKU? Thanks!


Skunof what? The small tiles? I dunno, it was a 12x12 matrix of the small tiles.

I think it was this:


Thank you for enlightening me!


thank you for the information. I’ll give my GF a good cleaning and be careful inthe future.


uh oh was planning on taking my tiles (which I have not treated) out to Maker Faire Saturday…guess I should get it sealed with something. Glad you posted!


The turtle looks like northwest artist Sue Coccia’s work.


Regular sharpies are not really UV-stable, but the Sharpie Extreme series is supposed to be.
Only comes in black, red, blue, and green.


I got some blue 4.25” square blue glazed tile from a friend. He has no idea where it came from. Engraved to a lighter blue. Might lighten with subsequent passes, I was too impatient to try. The surface is quite textured.

1000/full/450 vector shapes


Oooh… I want some of those tiles!


Good ole cobalt, I love the design as well, can imagine an amazing bathroom in that look.


That’s gorgeous!! Love the pattern. I’m wondering if that could be sealed back up with glaze and refired…be hard to clean it otherwise if used on a wall… but OMG would that look lovely!!!


Quick update from the friend:

I looked back and those where an Ebay purchase: 10 Ceramic Tiles…Glossy…Royal Blue #105…by American Olean…4-1/4


Wow, those are stunning! (And I’ve run out of likes, darnit!)

I used to raise angelfish, so I’ve got a ton of photos stashed away on my hard drives. Never would have thought to try them on tiles, thanks for the inspiration!


Gorgeous, would make a lovely tile border or backsplash!


Love the cat tile. Looks so life like.


Looks amazing. Thanks for sharing.


This thread inspired me to make this little guy for a friend. He needed a way to label a set of things that can’t hold their own tag. The non-etched portion of the tile makes a great surface for dry erase markers to write on and easily wipe off.

I’m still not super happy with the consistency of the Sharpie color in the etching. I ended up with some darker spots and didn’t want to re-apply across the rest of it. That part will take some more practice, I guess.

(It sits on a 3d printed stand that I downloaded from Thingiverse. It’s a neat model that is hinged but prints as one piece.)


Denatured alcohol works great to smooth out or remove the bulk of the color (depends on how you use it). You can always do multiple coats, it usually evens out for me after a couple of layers.