Etching Tile



Those have much better reviews than the cheaper ones. I was just curious if anyone had used the really cheap ones. I read through a bunch of the reviews, but most people are using them for other purposes. It may be that their complaints are less valid in craft applications or that they are even more so. Then again, it’s just a few dollars, so if no one knows it’s not too expensive to find out.


I have, my huge batch work great!


Thank you!


i’ve used the cheap ones and they’ve worked fine for me, but i’ve never used the expensive ones so i can’t give you a relative performance.

still, i’m hard-pressed to see a 500% increase.


Thanks. I’m not worried about whether they are better than the expensive ones. I just want to make sure they work reasonably well for what they are. If they crumble the moment they get wet or leave gritty sponge crumbs everywhere, it’s worth the 500% increase to me. But it’s good to hear that folks are happy with them. Worth the $6 plunge!


yeah, i think they are. i’ve had a couple of them crack or tear, but not crumble. and for 20% of the cost, you can afford to toss a couple of lemons away.


I went and picked up a box of these yesterday and I started to mess around with Pokémon stuff and a name tile. The tile with my last name on it looks messy because I didn’t wait until the paint dried. I rushed it and paid the price for it. Now I have to go in and clean it up. Hopefully I can recover it. For the Pikachu tile I used sharpie but with the Pokémon and my name tile I used spray paint. I masked off all the spray painted tiles and didn’t think to use the masking until after the Pikachu tile. I now mask off all my tiles to make the process easier.


The bold colors are impressive. :grinning:


Been trying for a while now to look on Shutterstock or the like, I absolutely LOVE the artwork of this tile. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Edited, Looking for the wave cresting in a circle on the 4x4 tile in black and white.

I realize I could just cut and paste, but I really don’t wanna step on anyone’s toes copyright wise.


Here is the original art. royality free. But you would have to modify it.


Free for personal use… here.


Thanks! Ordered a 20 pack to start with.


The HomeDepot standard 4x4 inch white ceramic tiles were 8 cents each !!! They engrave/color beautifully on the :glowforge: (well the color is done with sharpies…). (will post some projects). I got tired of stopping by every once and a while and buying a few with my change, I bought a box of 100 for only $8 !!! Anyone need any tiles to practice on… Maybe I can start on some Christmas trivet/coasters? or boxes with the tile in the lid…


Can you give the code number off the box? Hopefully I can find them for that price! Thank you.


Thank you all for the suggestions. Our local Habitat for Humanity ReStore has surplus tiles for sale, and I decided to give tile engraving and sharpie coloring a try. This is my first one –

1000 Speed
Full Power
450 LPI
Convert to dots (Following @DesignsByPhil 's tip, I slid the max dots down to 75)
1 pass

I used regular Sharpies and scrubbed with a paper towel and a little bit of alcohol for the troublesome spots

I will definitely be trying more! (Trying to convince the teenage child to give me some original art to engrave)


That is a beautiful tile. I especially like the colors you chose and the simple design. The tiles never get old to me. :grin:


This is an amazing resource, thank you.


The artist’s name was Hokusai, and he died in 1849. You should be ok.


AquaNet Hair Spray instead of blue painters tape ?
How’s that work?


how do you remove the hair spray after you cut?