Etching Tile



I use AquaNet on one of my 3D printers and it is water soluble. Not sure that it would be good as a mask, as the paint might dissolve it.


For 3D printing, apparently, not the GF…


Thanks, yeah I figured it was for a 3d printer.
I should have been more clear, I wondered how it worked on the 3d printer.
Mine uses blue tape but no heated bed so I guess it wouldn’t work for me.


Yeah, the heated bed is a big part of the hairspray, you need to evaporate it to get tacky.


Purple Aquanet works nicely for printing with ABS plastic.


I’ve been loving doing tile since I got my GF, Just hate having to clean them up and trying not to get color’s to bleed.
I’m just using what everyone else has, marker’s, water and paper towel.


Use the Mr Clean magic Eraser instead of water and a paper towel. Less bleed.


Use bulk generic melamine sponges from Amazon, same thing but far cheaper!


Love the Pokemon! So you used regular spray paint? Did you use these as decoration later or as coasters? Wondering how well it would hold up as a coaster without a sealant. Did you seal it?


oh so sorry everyone…I didn’t get a notice until someone else just remarked. The blue painters tape is something we used on the 3D printer bed to help prints stick (ABS is just horrible about not sticking on corners). Then sometimes the tape gets embedded in the print. Aquanet hairspray (purple can) works wonderfully. All you do is put the bed under hot water and it comes right off.

So sorry if someone mistook my comment for the Glowforge! My bad!