Etching Tile

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FYI, it’s against the rules to ask for files here - if the person wants to supply it they’ll do so (and everything in the Free Laser Files section has for-personal-use-only files attached) :slight_smile:

They want to avoid someone feeling badly about having to say no.

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Here is the SVG for the frog.
-- Frog 1a-- Frog 1a– Frog (1.8 MB)

If that was an added file in the SVG, the forums stripped it out. Or I’m blind. I only see a white space.

There is a bit more to the story, I found the file and downloaded it and put it on GFUI and it said design empty…

Screenshot 2021-02-21 131927

Just saw this! Great work in such a small area. Did you download from the google patent site or buy it? If downloaded, how much cleaning of the file did you have to do before printing?

See if you can get it now. I uploaded as a .ZIP file



Def got that!

Thank you!

That is freaking awesome. Thank you.