Ethylene-vinyl acetate (EVA)

Is it OK to cut on a glow Forge?

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Also what are the recommended settings for 1/4 inch?

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I bumped this over to the Beyond the Manual section for you, since support will not be able to offer material guidance on non-Proofgrade materials.

EVA should be good to go, but I don’t have any recommended settings.

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If you search the forum for “EVA foam,” I think you’ll get quite a few hits.

Haven’t cut 1/4" yet. Just finished this project today with 1/2". Speed = 175, power = 100. This leaves small “bridge” pieces between the cuts. You need to pull the pieces apart right away otherwise they tend to remelt back together.

The engrave was speed = 1000, power = 50.


Dang - I like that!!!


Very nice. My gear wouldn’t know how to handle that! :astonished:


If Discourse had a “cry” button…


I think it takes Nikon gear to handle that :wink:

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I’m real happy with the results. Its not glued yet. I was bummed I needed the seam but now I’m thinking I’ll just glue up each stack and keep the halves modular. I’ll see how the rest of my gear fits within the two sized halves. I bought 2 of these cases from Sam’s Club for $30 each. The peel/pluck foam falls apart too easy so the eva foam is a huge improvement.


Yikes! I’ve gotten cow excrement on my gear before but that dust is crazy!

I picked up some of the Harbor Freight pads on sale but I haven’t cut them yet. I have a nice Pelican camera case but need to check out Sam’s for a couple of those.

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They are happy, well used, cameras.

Built like a tank.

That was my first year at Burning Man. That gear has been to four burns now and I’ve only cleaned the mirror box and sensor once or twice.


This makes me feel really good. I got my girlfriend a Nikon D3400 for Christmas this year.

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I got what looks like the same EVA foam but I’m having an issue with the piece getting pushed around. Did you have this problem?

I used 2" wide blue painters tape on two edges to secure the sheets to the crumb tray.