EU (France) Taxes TVA of Glowforge Pro Importation - Unlock Delivery

Hello everyone, for information on taxes (customs fees) in Europe (France), I’m French and just bought a machine GlowforgePro. I am very impatient to receive it but first of all, I have to pay the VAT of 20% to the French customs, which represents a supplement of 1618,67 $ or 1454euros, to unlock the delivery … it is the Yin and the Yang of the economic world …
Hoping to have brought a drop of water in the field of possibilities, cordially,
Nicolas DENOI


Welcome to the forum. I am looking forward to seeing what you do with your now unlocked for delivery Glowforge.

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Hope you enjoy every moment of it!

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Oof those are some rough taxes. Look forward to seeing your creations.

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Wow Hungary does not play.


Welcome to the forum! I hope you receive it soon!

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