EV Charging Wall in Garage

I used the Glowforge to create an EV charging wall in my garage. There are 2 options for charging. One is the 60 amp Tesla generation 3 charger and the second is the 50 amp NEMA 15-50 plug charger. It also solves the issue of now being able to see or charge in the dark. I do not own a Tesla or EV. I thought it would be a nice upgrade for the house. And if anyone came to visit, they can charge while they are visiting.


The most impressive thing here is that your garage looks cleaner than my kitchen.


A Tesla to J1772 adapter might be handy to hang on that wall too if you’re really expecting guests. Lectron and TeslaTap make them. That’s how many Airbnbs I’ve visited are set up (I filter for the “EV charging” amenity to find them). Most drivers don’t carry around their 240V chargers with them, they’re mounted at home like yours, so they won’t be able to use the bare outlet.


Nice clean work Stuart, EV charging definitely an upgrade to the property.


super cool

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This is exactly my thought too… I’m also impressed at how thoughtful the poster is. I literally own 4 of everything-4 plates, 4 bowls, 4 spoons, etc. (actually, after some unfortunate breaks or losses, mostly own 3 of everything). Even my single sofa only fits the 4 of us. Makes it very easy to avoid having guests over. :rofl: :rofl:


Pretty impressive. May you have a need for it soon.