EVA Dog Mom Tote

Quick guide on how to print this (note, the bag came with “CARFANY” already on it. I just did the paw print and “dog mom” text"):

First off, the material is EVA foam and yes, it is laser safe. I found this amazing EVA tote bag that is not only great for its size and pockets but the handles and lining are easily removable.

Once I removed the handles and lining, fitting it in the GF became much more practical. I used clamps and clips to get it flat (it was too rigid to use the tie down mat unless I made a thicker mat). It took about 20 minutes to find a good setup that allowed the assist to clear the path needed and still have the surface at a correct height. I did this while the machine is off because it is important to move the print head and and gantry over all places it will have to travel for the print and make sure everything clears. It is important to take the time to do this.


I have mentioned in my posts before that I always work in a trial run into my prints if I am using a new material. I usually use a paw print for this because the paw pads can be separated and so you actually have 5 opportunities to tune settings. The starting settings I used was 18 power, full speed, and 270 LPI. This was the setting I have used in the past to engrave on EVA so I figured it was a good start. Well, it was a reminder of how much variation there is in materials and 18 power did nothing. So I re ran the first paw pad (for dogs, are they pads or toes?) but with 800 speed, 40 power, and 270 LPI. The results were good:


So I decided to finish printing the rest of the paw but with one pass and adjusted settings of 800 speed, 50 power, and 340 LPI. The reason for increasing the LPI was because I wanted a more smoother look to the part engraved. I then did the rest of the print and here were the results and what my setup looked like.



That is really cute! EVA foam is still something I haven’t tried, although every time we go to Hobby Lobby I keep telling my husband I need to. And he then reminds me that I say that every time and don’t do anything about it. Yep.


Really nice!


That looks like it would make a perfect birthday gift for my sister. Thanks!


That turned out great!! Thanks for the reference!


I love this, it’s so cute!


This is just great! Great idea to use a paw print to dial in settings.

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Great post!! I have over 400 purses. I am not a woman who is addicted to shoes ——- I am addicted to purses.

Amazon has an amazing collection of millions of types of handbags.

This is last one I purchased. Made in Italy. The leather is gorgeous and the bag is BIG!

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