EVA foam glued to cardboard with contact Cement - safe to cut on Glowforge?

I am making some toolbox drawer inserts with 10mm EVA Foam.

Once cut the thinner webs between the cutouts get floppy, so it works better to have the foam glued to a rigid piece of cardboard,. It would be easier if I could glue the foam to the cardboard first, then do the cutouts. Will this be safe, or will the contact cement cause a fire? I’ve never cut anything that has had contact cement on it and don’t want to have a fire in my machine.
Any thoughts or experience with this?


It’ll probably be fine, but I would watch it carefully.

I’d also be sure the contact cement is fully cured and gassed out. That stuff is mad flammable when it’s not dry, I’m sure I don’t need to tell you… it’s the kind of thing you really need good ventilation for when you are gluing things up.


I guess I’ll glue one up and wait several days before trying it, and watch it like a hawk when I’m cutting it with the fire blanket nearby. I’m using the Loctite spray adhesive heavy duty, not the canned brush contact cement - still stinks of solvent though. I guess I might try a small 1" square first.

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Contact cement grabs and cures really quickly. If the can says it’s good in ten minutes I bet you’ll be fine after that.

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My inclination also would be to put the cardboard on top to get the full air assist. You don’t want the corrugations under the eva foam away from air to carry flame through the channels. EVA cuts fairly easily though so putting it on top with a higher power might not work. So yes, do some test cuts first on the sandwich as see how it works first.

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