EVA foam question

Hello! I read that foam core board wasn’t really recommended but that EVA form is ok. My question is do I mask it? Thanks.

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There are lots of threads discussing EVA, so I suggest you use the search function and look through a few of them and see what information you glean.

As far as masking, I think it depends on what your final use for the product is going to be. I personally don’t mask.


Foam core cuts beautifully - but the foam does retract inside the paper so if you need a perfectly flat edge it may not work for you. EVA will also retract, but as it doesn’t have the paper coating it seems more even.

I’ve used the same medium tack paper masking on EVA that I use on everything else, but mostly I find it’s not necessary as the foam doesn’t seem to keep any residue on it.


It does cut well. And, i don’t mask either.