Even More Tessellation Puzzles



I rewrote parts of my puzzle generator script, and now it’s easy to generate puzzles on square and triangular grids, as well as puzzles that don’t snap to a grid.

Here’s a PDF of a generated puzzle (exclusive to this very post - please don’t spread it around too far)

cairo_gf.pdf (22.4 KB)

And I’ve uploaded these puzzles as digital designs to my Etsy shop:


Oh those look so good! :sunglasses:


Well, thanks for your generous share!


Thank you so much! Puzzles are a fun way to spend time.


Thank you for sharing!


Very cool!


The puzzles of my nightmares. Just kidding, but you could make some wicked puzzles this way!


Thanks so much for sharing this! These are so cool!


Really cool looking! My oldest son would love these, and I plan on making some when I get my Glowforge.


Rather than create yet another topic for iterations on the theme, here are two new tessellation puzzles, this time with multiple “tiles” within a single “tessellation group”. I don’t know if those are technical terms, but I get annoyed with the vagueness of talking about “pieces”.

This one I call “weave”, and it was inspired by a pillow on the 80s TV show ALF:

New photo by Dave LeCompte New photo by Dave LeCompte New photo by Dave LeCompte

Surprisingly challenging, and really only doable for me because I’ve got the orientation hint based on the cutting scorch marks.

And then, a puzzle based on the familiar tangram set of tiles:

New photo by Dave LeCompte New photo by Dave LeCompte New photo by Dave LeCompte

The Tangrams puzzle would be more interesting if I added more variety of rotations and reflections. That’s something for another day.

Like my others, these are available for purchase as PDFs and SVGs on Etsy:


I like that basket weave one! Very nice! :grinning:


Thanks! It had been sitting on my TODO list as a simple exercise of the ability to have more than one shape in a puzzle (they look like they’re all rectangles, but to the code, 2/3 of them are really hexagons that happen to have 3 edges all in a row). I was pleasantly surprised to find out that it was a challenging puzzle, as well.


Thanks for sharing. Finally got around to making this today! :slight_smile:


Looks great! Hope you enjoy solving it!


Actually, that looks really good - what was your process? It looks like there’s very little scorching.


Nothing fancy, just medium proofgrade draftboard with standard HD Score and Cut. Used Gorilla tape to help in removing masking. I did add a backboard where I glued the outer edge of the puzzle. Really happy how it came out! Thanks again for sharing!


Cool - mostly, I’ve been cutting unmasked wood, which leads to scorching on the finished product. I’ve got some of the orange cleaner, which I’ve heard removes scorch marks.

I’ve tried cutting my puzzles from plywood, which has led to the frame warping. I’ve tried gluing it to a backing, like you did, which turned out OK, once I figured out not to use too much glue.

I’ll try gorilla tape to remove the masking next time - thanks for the tip!


Of all the things I’ve seen/read on the internet… would have bet money that I never would have read that… LOL Nice puzzles btw !!!