Ever have a file that does not load? This may help

I was stumped yesterday when a student whipped up a project, exported it as a SVG, but it would not load…

Solved now. If it helps you, bonus. =)


Nice video. Thanks for the tip.

To sum up: An SVG export from Tinkercad didn’t load correctly into the GFUI.

Troubleshoot an SVG from another source using a proper vector design software such as Inkscape or Illustrator to see if the export settings to construct the SVG were correct to begin with.

It can reliably predict how the Glowforge will handle it.

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Yes… but I would be my 8th grader skipped a step… vs TinkerCAD being borked… 29 years of teaching middle school it is not often I lose when betting on “user error”. =)

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That’s for sure. My big emphasis when I taught elementary and middle school tech was screen legibility. The would often come into class and find their mice missing and groan, knowing that they would have to use keyboard shortcuts to navigate. It required a different kind of screen reading. What they needed was always there, but sometimes it took a while to grok the levels of signification. The save as dialogue box is a big milestone because beneath it lurks a whole lot of information that is normally hidden.

File formats are a difficult concept though, especially when they would start learning vector software. They were used to the paint/raster art. A big cognitive shift that many adults on this forum have had to learn later in life. Glad there are great teachers like you out there. I can only imagine what it would have been like to be able to use YouTube videos made by my teacher to learn something. Well, I’d certainly would have had no excuse then for not learning!


You mention file formats which is so true. The new one that is a bugger is when apps are not saving to the cloud… That next day when I hear, “It did not save my stuff…”. It keeps me on my toes. You will hear a lot of “check your neighbor” in my vids just to try and avoid those next day scenarios.

Slick idea forcing them to not use the mouse sometimes. They think I am a wizard when I show them they can navigate the sign in boxes with TAB… when the mouse goes flaky. =)

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