“Every Client Matters” sign


Most of you saw my “Every Story Matters” sign I made a while ago. Another client saw it and asked for a version that says, “Every Client Matters” using his company colors - so I was happy to make it for him.

This one has a black acrylic backing that is then glued to Draftboard to give it more thickness.

I cut holes in the acrylic (but not the Draftboard) and glued the standoffs into those holes.


Effing gorgeous!




Another excellent result :sunglasses:


Whoa! It looks awesome!


Very nice work… super clean … looks amazing


Thank you, @alexmcclure!


Thank you, @bruceaulrich! I appreciate that!


Thank you!


Thank you! What a word for the day! Love it!


Very stunning. Again. :smile:


Both versions are stunning! Great work incorporating the company colors.