“Every Story Matters” acrylic and wood sign


Here’s my “Every Story Matters” sign completed. It’s about 16” x 5”. The words are made of a back layer of medium red Proofgrade acrylic with another layer of mirrored acrylic for the word “Story” from Inventables.

I then glued the set of words to a layer of medium clear Proofgrade acrylic with the opposite corners rounded to give it some character. I also cut holes for the stand off screws.

The back layer is thick Proofgrade walnut with the same corners rounded to match and 4 circles engraved where I glued the screws into the walnut rather than cutting holes and using screws/nuts. I used Lock Tite glue and they are extremely solid.

Since this is the mission statement of my church, I engraved the church logo into the upper right area to subtly balance it out.

Finally, I cut some simple stands out of thick Proofgrade clear acrylic.

Now that I’ve done a few like this, I have a good process down, so I can make more in this style fairly quickly (I think)…

I love how this came out. It’s my favorite project to date.


That is stunning! Love the mirrored acrylic - it just jumps out! :grinning:


Thank you! And I like to think that the person who you see in the mirror of that word is the person whose story matters - so the use of the mirrored acrylic is meaningful as well as pretty.


Love this even more now!!! Beautifully made.


and once again, love the Oklahoma placed somewhere in the photos!


Gorgeous. Well done.


So thoughtfully designed, and the implementation is perfect. It’s a beautiful piece!


Striking sign. You did well. I hope it will inspire people to tell their story.


All the materials make it really pop!


This thing is beautiful! Everything about it is just so well done!


Thank you so much! That means a lot to me!


Really nice! I like the layering technique.


Wow! Wonderful design! The mixed materials really make it, and the engrave accent… Every thing about it fits so well, and the symbolism of the mirror. Just wow!


Where did you purchase those mounting pins, really love the aesthetic.


Very well done.


Uh oh. Some of my parishioners follow the forum and once they see this, I’ll definitely have to make something like it. Stunning!


Thanks! I got them on Amazon.



Thank you so much! Turnabout is fair play because so many of you have made things that have forced their way into my schedule as well. :sunglasses:


Ok, so I see how the acrylic attaches to the standoffs, but how do they attach to the wood backing? I don’t see another screw hole


Right! I didn’t want to put screws through the back, so…