Every Tool is a Hammer

Okay, we don’t do many book reviews here, but this one needs covering.

If you are not familiar with Adam Savage, he co-hosted Mythbusters for 14 years. He already had quite the resume when he started, but now I seriously doubt that there is much of anything that falls under the umbrella of “Maker” that he hasn’t done or couldn’t pick up right away. Take writing a book, for instance. This is Adam’s first book, but between him and his editor, they produced a book that could have good sales without his name on it.

So what is “Every Tool is a Hammer?” Well, it is 20-30% autobiography, and the rest is a self-help book for makers.
Don’t be looking for a laser cutting book here; lasers come up one whole time. Instead, we get a bit more general advice that will apply to most every maker.
In the first half of the book, he deals mostly in 'head work" so that applies to every maker. In the second half, he gets into head and handwork, but it remains things that apply to 90% of all makers and indeed to us as makers who use a laser as an intermediate step.

This book not being about “first steps” will be of more interest to intermediate and advanced makers than beginners or those who are quite happy doing one type of project.

Here is the Amazon link for your convenience. It is NOT an affiliate link.


Got my signed copy at Maker Faire last weekend. Can’t wait to get into it!


I get my autographed copy tomorrow. So excited!!


Now I am kind of jelly, not being able to go to BAMF I just did the Kindle thing. If I ever get to meet Adam though, I will have a hard back copy in tow!


I almost ordered one immediately after it was announced, but for some reason didn’t. I watched a lot of Myth Busters and actually have the majority of the seasons, and have seen a lot of his Tested stuff on YouTube. The guy is really inspiring, so it’s cool to see he has written a book. I’ll definitely have to pick up a copy now. Just gotta figure out if I want physical or digital…digital has the benefit of being available everywhere my phone is and can last forever, but I have always loved holding a book in my hands :thinking:


I am picking my copy up in person tomorrow afternoon!

@ben1 We should connect and say hi if you are at the con!


I will be at the 2:30 meet and greet. We are cosplaying steampunk tomorrow.

I will look for you. I’m in the 3:30 group but, can likely get there early.

I’m the guy with the hammer here:


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Thanks, I always like a good book recommendation!

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I just bought a Kindle copy yesterday and I thought I should make a post of it here. I just started reading it. The little bit I read so far I really like.

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Ironically, I turned @markevans36301 onto this book’s existence, but I let him gush all over it before making my own purchase. :smiley:

I’m on Chapter 5 so far, good read.

BTW, for the Apple folks, iBooks has it for $12.99


It’s true folks, somehow I didn’t know of the books existance until Mike mentioned it, it was devowered 48 hours later.

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For those who enjoy listening… Tim Ferris podcast talking to Adam Savage about his life and book.

Warning for those who haven’t come across the TF podcasts - they are each about two hours long!

Really interesting to hear Adam talk.


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