Everybody should go buy something from Columbia Sportswear RIGHT NOW


Nice move.


He’s not alone. Many small businesses are doing the same without advertising it. :wink:
(Just be aware the world might not be quite as ugly a place as you have been told it is by people with agendas of their own.)


In my work I’ve cared for and gotten to know a whole bunch of people who have been ground up, trampled on, and spit out by the world in general. The people with agendas have very little effect on me, but the reality I’ve lived vicariously through my patients definitely does. :frowning: So I NEED this sort of story in order to be able to hang on to my few remaining threads of belief in humanity.


You of all people need to hold on to it…if you don’t believe it, how are you going to help the others who need it?

I’ve seen phenomenally unselfish acts these last few weeks…everything from people sewing face masks in their homes to parents selling their homes so they can be near their kids, and kids selling their homes to be near their parents, to multiple companies whose CEOs and upper level management have actually requested to take a cut in pay to try to save lower level jobs. It’s tearing my heart out, but for a different reason. I’m absolutely humbled by the nobility of the human race sometimes.

Anyway, didn’t mean to bring anyone down with that…but the good is all around us and we’re going to be fine.


It is a nice move. Not to diminish it, but for perspective, in 2018 Mr. Boyle’s total compensation was $3,304,203, of which $950,532 was salary. If this goes on for another 4 months, it could cost him $300K, which is a decent chunk of change.


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