Evolution of a dog


Haven’t really done anything that different, but I thought this was interesting.

I started of with a plain dog paw lightly engraved on some ply. (Crappy lighting, sorry)

1" across, and they look way better in person. I was quite happy with them.

Then somebody asked if I could cut them out. Well, yeah, I have a LASER.

Same file, just told it to cut instead of engrave. Again, I was quite happy with them.

Then last night I asked myself, can you inlay them? I knew the machine could, but could I actually do it.


Turns out I could, and it didn’t even take me very long. Hardest part was getting the tiny pads into the holes.
Maple round cut out, walnut pads, red acrylic heart.

I did attempted a set in all acrylic (clear, black, red) and while it worked, once “welded” in place, there was a ton of crazing. You could only see it if you looked real close, but I wasn’t happy with it. I may need to get that toaster over after all so I can anneal if I am going to keep trying to do things like that.


All 3 look fantastic! Very cool!

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Nice evolution of a project! Well done!

Looks like you enjoyed yourself! Fun!

This is totally pawsome. :slight_smile: Love to see the development.

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Cute dangle! (But @dan, that pun was just pawful!) :smile: