Excalibur: Antique Leather Sword



I received this in my Instructables email today: Excalibur, Antique Leather Sword. I’ll definitely make one of these once my Glowforge arrives, except I’ll tell everyone it’s made out of “death fabric” – that sounds much more impressive!




I wish I could claim that one, but I think @morganstanfield came up with that. Cracks me up every time.


Came in my email today too. The laser will make it super easy to cut and no need for pattern transfers - mark & etch right onto the leather :slightly_smiling_face:

Lasers are cool.


I love it! Would be great for all kinds of costumes and metal detector safe :smile:


Add a laser pointer to it (or mod with an acrylic edge with led lighting) and you got a death fabric laser sword :crossed_swords:


I am a lighting freak. LEDs, EL wire, heck, a candle if necessary. :sparkler: - Rich


Yeah, lots of cool opportunities with lighting experiments. I love the laser cut canvas ideas that have popped over the last days as well.

Now I need to figure out how turn this into some glow forge art (not exactly lighting, bit pics taken with IR vs visible light). Got the camera to find gaps in the house insulation, but tons of fun taking pictures of random stuff


Looks like maybe four thin layers of acrylic, with each color corresponding to a different depth of etch(?). - Rich


That could be fun…not sure if anyone has tried multiple engraved layers of clear with different colors edge lit Leds.
If there is enough ambient light I can get an overlay with the normal camera to highlight edges, which could work very well to define cut lines.
The hardest part playing with the IR camera in the dark is tripping over random junk…
Don’t have anything particular neat on the phone right now besides pictures of the walls with bad insulation and a few cat pics…might try to do some more stuff on the weekend.

Here’s a nice example of cold bleeding through due to missing insulation.


A thermographic attachment for your smart phone?


Flir one…a bit over $200 on amazon. There is one for android and one for iphones. Watch the price, it seems to change almost daily, at least when I picked mine up…after a few days you can see the lower end and save a few bucks).
There are some good 3rd party apps. It does hang/crash a bit often, but I can finally pinpoint some of the cold spots better.