Excellent Fusion 360 Tutorial

I know this has been posted before, but it warrants posting again:

This is, hands down, the best Fusion 360 tutorial I’ve run across. There are so many subtle gems to working with F360 in this video! And very few “Hey, wait! How did we get from two lines to an articulated bird model” moments.

I learned so much:

• activating a component changes behavior across UI; activate the top level component – the document – to enable copy/paste of bodies in a straightforward fashion.

• right click on a line and mark it as a “construction line”. Boom. Disappears, but can be used for all dimensioning, etc…

• if making a “top” that sits on some “legs”, use one leg’s “top” as the sketch plane, then project the other leg’s “tops” into the sketch plane. Then you can build geometry relative to all the legs easily!

• spin your model to an edge on mode and “window selection” (i.e. drag a rectangle selection) allows you to very easily grab all the edges between the two surfaces you’re viewing edge on

So many “Well, duh! That’s easy” moments in here. For me anyway. Ya’ll are probably way ahead of me. :slight_smile:


This really is one of the best per minute watched.


Bookmarked! I keep meaning to throw more time at this program.

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Hitting the “X” key does the same thing, for those that are speedier with keyboard shortcuts than clicking.


to me, mastery of any program involves learning all the important keyboard shortcuts, the most important one in F360 is “s” as it brings up all the stuff you forgot the shortcut to. So “s” then “f” gets you a short list with fillet in the list and so forth.


Sure-- the shortcuts are important. That really isn’t what I found to be exceptionally valuable in this video.

It was more about geometry management and how to set up the constraints and geometries to allow multiple parts to be built relative to each other.

Of note, though, is that the tabs on this aren’t truly parametric. The tab geometry more or less is, but the technique demonstrated in the video does not allow for parametric specification of the # of tabs. I haven’t seen anyone do that, yet.

@markevans36301 THANK YOU! for the hint about “s” and then searching. I hunt through the dammed menus all the time and this will save so much time!!!

And, to your point, I agree that being efficient requires muscle memory on that keyboard. So, here:

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Fusion360 recently added the ability to make/add/re-assign shortcut commands as well.

I did. :grin:


You may well be beyond them already but if you learn from reading and aren’t already too advanced for them, l have some start from zero tutorials in the matrix that you might want to work through.


It is free unless you’re making over 100,000 a year with it !

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Follow any links for a student eventually It will take you to start ups and you can sign up as a start up slant hobbyist .

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You definitely took it further… but still not fully parametric. ;). (I’m a programmer by day and I work at a company that is a bit of a stickler for details… it skews my world view just a bit, admittedly).

Honestly? I think F360 needs to add this as an option on the Combine tool. You should be able to configure how the two bodies overlap.

That math would be hard. But totally amazingly useful.

You can also add frequently used ones to the top bar in the Search box that comes up when you hit S. That way you don’t have to search - there’s an icon right there for you.


Yes, thank you, I should have mentioned that!

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