Excited my shipping day is upon us

my order date for a basic was on the 22nd day so I’m just waiting for that conformation email

Only downside is it says i wont get it tell December 6th which doesn’t really make since, since my order date is the 22nd day which is what we are on now


That December 6th is just the “up to” six weeks estimate we’ve been seeing forever. Your mileage may vary, depending on how far you are from Milpitas, California. ;-D

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They made Basics for a long time and the Pros lagged far behind. Looks like they are making far more Pros right now. Maybe even only Pros. Don’t have any idea.

about 45 minute @rpegg hah
i live in LA

There are still some basic emails going out although the coupling between email and dispatch seems very variable.

The banner appears to be tracking somewhat ahead of actual shipping emails - basics were updated to Day 24 (sometime yesterday, 10/31?), although I’m a very early Day 24 order (around 2:00AM PT) and have yet to receive the email.

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Yes it used to lag behind the spreadsheet but now is often ahead of it.

The shipping date you see in your account info is when they expect you to get the confirmation email. The estimate of Dec. 6 means there is some reason that you’re not considered a domestic Basic order on day 22 (Oct. 15). Perhaps you got the email, but it got spam filtered and no response moved you in the queue? Perhaps you’re classified as international for some reason? Perhaps Glowforge’s database has a different order date than you’ve got?