Excited to design again

I finally feel not mentally unwell so I can get back to designing.
Idk it’s been like a month and a half of not making things on here. Anyways I like making side income from the catalog and I really would like some input.

Is there anything that people have needed/wanted but didn’t want to design? Idk I’m good with 3D designs so whatever you could suggest would be awesome.


I don’t have any feedback about selling in the catalog, but I’m glad to hear you’re feeling better. :slight_smile:


Sorry you’ve been under the weather!

I tend to like practical designs over decorative (although a decorative practical item is even better). Things to organize stuff, tools to use for other purposes (like rulers), things like that handbag you did. You can give your unique spin on lots of items like that.


Glad you’re feeling better!

Organizational is my favorite. Everyone can use a new way to organize.


Glad you’re better too! I love fun signs, organizational things, puzzles…I really like it all :slight_smile:


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