Exhaust fan cleaning degreaser

Hi. The recommended exhaust fan cleaner is listed as unavailable on Amazon. Is there a link to where I can purchase or is there a other cleaner that is recommended by glowforge? Thank you.


They have it in stock at Digikey.


Thank you. How much is needed for a cleaning? I want to make sure I have enough but don’t want to over purchase as it is expensive. Thx!

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A single can should suffice. Assuming you’re following this:


BTW - Jules wrote an awesome post a while back about cleaning the fan. I’ve followed this for a while:


Thank you!


Sorry one quick question on the procedure. Do you spray the fan from inside the machine leaving the lid open or do you want spray it from outside in the back. I am assuming from inside or the fan will prevent the spray from entering but wanted to verify for sure. Thank you!

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IF you follow the first link it takes you step by step through the procedure. Like I said, I’ve done the one Jules posted as I prefer to manually clean mine, but I’d assume you’re spraying from the inside as it exits out the back along with the crud.


Thank you

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Keep in mind this gunk has to go somewhere and anywhere it does go is messy. Have PLENTY of old towels, sheets, blankets, rags etc. to catch the nastiness that will be exiting the machine. Good luck and happy lasering.


Thank you. I was going to put down some
Painters plastic and let it go right onto that. I’m
Just now trying to figure out the easiest way to get it outside to do this. Was looking for a wheeled cart of some sort that I can also use as a permanent table so I can use the pass through as well.

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Mine is on the second floor of our house and I’m not as spry as I used to be, so I open windows, turn on fans and put a copious amount of absorbent material in, around and under it.

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Unfortunately, I don’t have an exact replacement product to recommend you. We chose this product because it is a non-flammable, electronics safe vapor degreaser. You may be able to find something similar, but we haven’t evaluated and approved any other products.

Since this question is outside our team’s scope, I’ve moved it to the Beyond the Manual so the discussion can continue there.

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