Exhaust hose magnetic connect/disconnect

Nice job, and great solution if disconnection will be required. :sunglasses:


Yup, the intention or the objective is to keep it connected at all time’s.

One never know’s when or what time of day the inspiration strikes :nerd_face:


Cool … Hope it works well for you.


I wonder if a 1mm EVA gasket would be worth doing to make an even better seal?


You know you can buy a magnetic vent hose coupling? Costs a bit more than making one, but it’s arguably faster. I am using one for my vent hose. Specifically because the vent to the outside is permanent and I did not want to leave the GF connected to it all the time. My house has gas heat and hot water, so it’s always drawing in a little air from outside. Leaving the GF connected to the vent hose all the time would mean that I’d be drawing hot humid summertime air in through the GF when the GF wasn’t in use, vs. the GF sitting in my cool, dehumidified basement when it’s not being used.

IMO you don’t want the GF connected to the outside vent unless it’s going to be used.


As long as you are customizing , a one way gate valve so the air can only go out would not be a terrible idea. the one I bought had that built in but unless it lets light in, yours looks like it doesn’t

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Oh, shoot, really? What’s next? Professional made laser cut items overflowing the consumer market?

I wish I’d known earlier. I wouldn’t have bought the GF if you can buy everything of the shelf


I still have to function test the coupling. If it leaks, laser cut 1mm EVA is doable. Any idea where to find that stuff?.

A lot of times it is faster easier and cheaper to make your own, and even more so to fit it exactly to need. So many times I have purchased something and bumped into thoughtless engineering. So I bought a nice 3d printer and am pulling my hair out thinking that it should have had a lot more thoughtful engineering.


That’s exactly my point, only I sprinkled it with a little sarcasm.

I know I have yet to develop my creative and artistic side. So, no judgment from me but coming from a maker,tinker background going out to buy a magnetic hose connector defeats the whole GF purpose in my opinion.



Michael’s/hobby lobby/etc carry it. Maybe even Walmart? Amazon for sure.

Search for “Eva source” on the forum and you’ll probably find more.

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Found it. will pick it up tomorrow

a one way gate valve so the air can only go out

They’re not airtight. They keep critters from crawling in, and they block a strong wind from blowing through the vent, but they still leak air. At least the ones I’ve looked at. Maybe someone makes one that really seals up tight but I doubt it. Dryer vents have lint. Anything that was gasketed for a relatively tight seal would load up with lint and stop sealing pretty quick I think.

Oh, shoot, really?

Well… it didn’t seem from your post that you were aware of this. I mean, you clearly put a lot of effort in to your coupler. I ordered an all-metal coupler off Amazon with about 15 minutes of searching, it arrived the next day thanks to Prime, and it works great. It was a lot less work for an equally effective solution. Figured it was worth mentioning.


I understand. In general people read what’s written with their own feeling and state of mind at that exact moment, not the writers state of mind, intention and/or feeling.

Let’s just start our Glowforges and press start at the same time. :wink:

Ahh, but the whole POINT of being a maker is MAKING STUFF that other people have to BUY! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: I will do without a thing for six months because it’s silly to buy one when I can just make one, but I haven’t had time to DO it yet. And it makes perfect sense, so hush. :wink:


I hate how relevant this is :man_facepalming:t4:.

There have been a couple of other people with similar projects in the forum, cool to see the different variations. I can see by your sarcasm you’re going to fit in around here nice and tight, unlike the miscalculated kerf adjustments made too often…


That is the main concern. In my case it opens into the carport and a tissue left there in a heavy rain storm would not get damp. If attacked with poison gas what would get through that way would be minor compared to the rest of the house, wind blowing in one direction against the house would probably see more air going out than in, and the other would close the valve and more would leak through the whole setup and window than through the vent.

Many modern houses are so sealed that such a vent might be the main way in, but this is not such a house.

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Matt how was it to make this magnetic exhaust hose coupling and what did you learn? You crazy autodidact.

Well, I’m glad you asked!

First let me explain I have this GF for almost 2 week’s now.

  1. How to get closer to my black belt Illustrator by diving into the general functions of Illustrator.
  2. How to adjust my 3D design skill’s (MadBee511 on Thingiverse) by transitioning from designing in Solidworks to Illustrator
  3. How to get closer to my black belt GF by learning to adjust for kerf.
  4. The importance of assigning different colors ‘stroke’ to better determine the cut order.
  5. Experience the satisfied feeling of making something functional and to get my first shot of GF

Cheers, and remember, Always breath out on the way up.


Cool Design! I made one for my Glowforge. I mostly 3-d printed the parts. I always leave the glowforge disconnected unless I’m using it. Where I live it’s always colder or warmer than the air in my basement. I made gaskets out of Fun Foam found in most craft stores in the Kids craft areas. It cuts nicely with the Glowforge and it has held up perfectly so far.


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