Exhaust Hose

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I live in an apartment, and I’m having trouble with setting up the hose. In what way can I connect it being that I don’t have a vent, only a window? Does it have to be connected?

Yes, your Glowforge MUST be appropriately vented (or connected to an approved filter) at all times.

Please refer to these Instructions…


I think you’re asking how to vent through a window, correct? If so, lots of good option have been discussed in various threads. Here are some:


But yes, you MUST either vent it outside or have a glowforge filter attached.

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Heya, so one thing you can do is simply have the hose hang out the window. But then you might get air rushing back in. We bought a 2x4 board and cut it to the height of our window. Then cut out a circle with a jigsaw and screwed in one of those hose ports you can get from Home Depot. Attach the hose to the port, and shove the wood into the window and close the window. This same setup should work fora window that opens vertically too. Just make sure you get a wood board that is the same thickness as the window ruts.


I ran mine with a long duct thrown out an open door for the first two years.


This is a handy gadget it makes it easier to connect the hose to the back of the Glowforge…

Then vent out of the window with an S6 external fan.

Don’t wish to ruin anyone’s cottage industry, but you can get a better one that swivels and uses a thick rubber gasket that can be clamped snugly around the opening for about 18$ at Rockler. Zero leaks. (Excellent port especially if you have to swing the hose out of the way for any reason.)



I used a cut down V-8 bottle…

And a slice of hard roofing foam with a plastic exhaust with a one way flap, and aluminum tape to seal off the foam. If I had thought about it at the time I could have used a 4" bottle and a square flap, but you do want to prevent air from flowing in, but flowing out easily.

Also an inline fan can improve things a lot.


Just a FYI. You get two in this Rockler kit (no swivel).
I put the other on my dryer, since I am using a magnetic ring for the exit hole.

Rockler 4 inch port