Expectation vs Reality



Yes. Simply, yes!


It is all a matter of perception. Like when the sunblock company discovered that their ads adorned the walls of all the prison pedophiles. Once told you might not be able to un-see it, but most folk might never see it that way.


FYI - Gorilla glue like that is an expansive glue - it “foams” up to expand into the joint. I love it / hate it depending on the project. My advice there is to use a good gel super glue for something like that. Common yellow wood glue (I used Titebond III) is perfect for that as well, just ensure you clean it up before it dries.


Yes, I had never used it so I just treated like white glue, spreading it around thinking I can cut the excess off like white glue. I never would have guessed it expands everything. I have since bought a nice spray adhesive that works much better.


Great if there are a lot of voids, with good edge to edge not so much. however it comes off easily with a scalpel as it is fairly soft.


Now I have to dig around for some failures. I know I’ve had some, question is still intact.


Urf! …oh yeah, Measure twice. :roll_eyes:


Before everyone chimes in on what an idiot I am…that is only off by about a sixteenth of an inch in width. It’s a deep drawer…but apparently I design too close to tolerance. :smile:
(It will fit in another drawer…so I guess it’s time to reorganize the kitchen.)

The original design for that drawer, which will be temporarily reintroduced:


(It’s just so plain.) :smile:


I’ve got one in the oven right now! All the cuts went perfect, but the engrave automagically jumped over an inch for no reason. Figured it was worth a shot to nudge it over and keep pressing forward. Nope! Missed it by that much.
The little notches at the bottom is where it initially started. No idea why it jumped over. Oh well. Prototype it is!


That can be fixed with a belt sander. Taking 1/32 off each side.

If you have a jointer it’d be a couple of minutes and done.

If you don’t, you can get one for $250ish from Home Depot. Then you’d have your drawer insert & a new cool tool :laughing:


Chuckle! I have a belt sander, but it really worked out fine in the other drawer. (Matter of fact, it’s already been re-organized and reloaded. And it’s a tremendous improvement over the clutter it contained before.)

The key to happiness as a maker is a certain amount of flexibility. (And having a Plan B.) :smile:

The next one will be trickier…I’m gonna shoot for a custom silverware drawer, with angled pockets. Cross your fingers for me on that one.


I need to do that but first I need to toss most of the odd bits we’ve accumulated or I’ll never fit any organization in there. It’s all the not-silverware (specialty knives, sound peelers, pizza wheel, ice cream spades & scoops, tea infusers…) that have made for disorder :blush:


there is all that wasted storage area on the fronts and sides of the refrigerator etc just begging for better use than post-it notes. :thinking:


Stainless steel fridge - no magnets :slightly_frowning_face:


There is always Velcro


I believe that would be referred to as the junk drawer. It is in our house, anyway!


Well there’s one of those too. But we keep serving spoons, meat forks, garlic graters, vegetable peelers and a number of spatulas & knives (in addition to the knives in the block) in the silverware drawer.


No, no…the junk drawer is for twist ties, rubber bands, sixteen pairs of scissors, tape, birthday candles, extra measuring tapes, hammers, screwdrivers, pliers, chopsticks (never can figure out a good spot for those), pens, pencils, spare change and the potato ricer.

(Cleaned that one out last week.)


Our new kitchen came with one of those corner units with all those rotating trays, except there were no trays and worse the hinge on the door is broken so you don’t want to randomly look there, So it has collected an array of those bottles, boxes, trays etc that may someday be replaced by things made by 3D printer and Glowforge but for now many items are in use and I am sure will be added to in the future. those nice little boxes that blueberries come in are great for keeping my burn tests of the different woods, all the hooks that have not been put to use in another, all the Flowers in yet another, with pendants , earrings, gears etc each in a clear box, The jewelry findings each in more that are not full of holes, and those trays for noodle soup organize all the parts for any small lamp etc so they do not get mixed with other parts. and so on with other sorts of such boxes for tools, like all the pliers or all the Dremel tools and on and on.

Now having all those boxes where I can find them is another problem,


Do stacks and stacks of cut sheets count? I’m a packrat with wood - when we moved last summer it took us 2 days to move the garage with all of my tools and wood. I don’t have a ton of failed cuts / engraves but I do have stacks and stacks of cut sheets that I KNOW I can eek out one more small cut somewhere… :smiley:


One thing I discovered early on was that when I cut up all those sheets a couple of cubic feet of sheets was about a gallon of scraps. You still have the same amount of useful stuff but it is wasting a lot less space. I also plan for my business card that uses a lot of the pieces of oak plywood, and hooks that use any plywood and flowers that use any of the solid wood with everything scaled to use the useful area of each piece. A deeply engraved piece with contact information on the back will impress those friends that see it and be kept available when regular cards will be lost or thrown away.