Expectation vs Reality



Based on a FB post by Kristie Kiesel I wanted a place where people could post failures along the lines of the common “Expectation vs Reality” theme you see in places like Pintrest. Hopefully they learned something like I did. Glowforge version:

My version:

Apparently I used a tad too much Gorilla Glue and water. The glue exploded everywhere.

Don’t be shy, post your failures GFers!



Oh…a "Nailed it!" thread! Great idea…all of my early attempts/failures are kind of scattered though. :grinning:


Here’s one…my first shot at my five strand Mystery Braid bracelet:

Should Be:

And the reality: :rofl:


Thanks Jules! :rofl:


All of my things work perfectly first try.



AAAAnd this is why I abandoned Gorilla Glue long ago for everything except a few very limited use cases.
A thick CA would work well here or carefully applied yellow wood glue if you can work out a way to clamp this.

I’m going to have to start documenting my fails, could be most entertaining!


Here’s a major design cock-up (mine, of course) …the apple bowl turned out okay looking from the top down:

But from a side view…it looks like an elephant’s tushie: :smile:


I’ve broken more rulers than anything else.

Most of the time when I jam a magnet in it snaps. I eventually gave up.


I made my first mystery braid bracelet when I was about 10 or 11. Back in those ancient times we had to cut the strand slices by hand with a utility knife. Almost cut my finger off. Still have the scar.

And then after all that it ended up looking exactly like yours :blush:


Ha ha! Maybe that’s what you were looking to be the ‘end’ result after all. (boo hiss)…then it cannot be deemed a failure in any sense. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :blush:


It was one of those things that caught me by surprise, (and it did cause a few ideas to form), but no, i definitely wasn’t looking for an elephant butt when I designed it. :rofl:


Hahaha! I hate that stuff—have never been able to successfully use it.

My failures are too numerous to mention and I usually toss ‘em, so no photos right now. I’ll definitely add the next one to this thread the next time it happens.


That. Me. too.


We don’t call them failures, they’re “prototypes”!


Yes, yes. Prototypes! :wink:

I’ve also recently thrown mine out in a massive decluttering but there will be more to share so I’ll try to remember sharing them here instead of just on Facebook. :smiley:


Here’s one:

Just a little bit too much kerf adjustment…


Across my journey of learning, I stand now in triumph on the mountain apex of failed attempts. It is a price that must be paid.
No pictures because I have thrown the failures away to remove them from view, but they each leave a scar on my ignorance. Failure is the teacher. :flushed: - :thinking: - :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

"I haven’t failed, I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work." - Edison, regarding the light bulb

This has the makings of a great thread!


Oh yeah! BTDT. :sunglasses::-1:


From my carp pond, Big box with carp stripe, lots of “didn’t cut all the way through” ,a nice handle with the reverse fingers I wanted, Plenty of “overcompensated for kerf”, the occasional “too delicate to live”, and the occasional “now what am I supposed to do with this”


OK this really makes me feel better about my garbage pile. thanks @rbtdanforth!