Experimental Business Cards


I wanted to mess around with some Business card ideas and so here’s my first attempt. The website and/or number would be engraved on the back. I used Medium :proofgrade: Maple Hardwood using stock settings. I did make the lettering darker and the element lighter for contrast. I think I would do a slightly darker hardwood next time or even acrylic! Still playing with the design and materials. I am seriously having a wicked good time. @dan and crew you guys made a spectacular machine here.


Very nice. Vacuum cleaner to get all the bits out? Looks like maple hardwood?


Very cool. Nice work!


Hopefully your machine does not have any alignment issues so what you want to engrave on the back is lasered correctly into the small space available for that!


Wow, it’s gorgeous!


Great looking card!


Thank you. Yes def have to vacuum them little buggers out, there were a lot! Yes it is the Maple Hardwood.

I’ve pretty much found a “work around” for the obvious alignment issues. I wait for the red preview to show up before hitting the magic button and if it’s not lined up (usually not) I redo the placement. I’m getting fairly good at it and it’s pretty consistent in it’s placement so the last 2 times i got it spot on!


Looks great! :grin:


You know, I never even thought of using that for alignment control. I usually just ignore it and start working on the next thing. Since I started using a Surface book, I have a smaller screen and even contacted support because my tired old eyes could not see the path depiction image. Will have to remember this.


I wish we could zoom in on that image.


Stunning! Keep it going!


Great idea!
Thank you


Looks Great!
I did the waves one in the free samples, now that is a lot of vacuuming and weeding. Looks amazing after though.


That’s funny…I’ve always used it. I just figured everyone did!


drooooooollllll :drooling_face: Man, you’re killing me with these great designs. But I’m loving every minute of it! Need laser - - - - Need to laser - - - - soon…


Are you saying the red preview shows up in a different place on the bed than the violet placement image does? Surely it should preview on screen in exactly the same position you placed it on screen even if it lasers it somewhere else due to camera inaccuracy.


That’s what I’ve seen probably about 60% of the time, usually when I have been dealing with smaller designs and substrates.


Perhaps the camera image shifts when it measures the thickness for focus implying the initial thickness used for placement isn’t accurate enough.


This will have heads turning! The combination of cut and engraved elements looks fantastic. Next project idea - build a special case to carry your super cool business cards around.


Looks great!!! I can’t wait to try business designs like this.