Experimenting - Leather Laser Cutting Techniques

Leather is something I really love the idea of working with! One thing I have found every time that I try to laser cut leather tho… It turns into a big mess! Well after about a week of playing around I think I’ve come up with a nice little workflow to make things out of leather. Here is a small video sharing what I’ve learnt to help others in their leather laser cutting journey. Oh and if you like the designs you see in the video you can get them all here for the price of a good coffee: Leather Designs ( My Etsy )

DSC05170|690x388, 50%


Nicely done :smiley:
I do love how easy it is to press leather without a huge stand! I used a gallon jug of water as my press and it worked just as well.

If you ever want to do a phone stand that really is 100% leather you should try 10-12oz leather and dip it quickly into hot water. It will shrink about 20% and harden to an almost wood-like feel.
If you want it to stay flexible but be just as stiff you heavily paint it with melted beeswax and place it in a warm (200°F or less) oven until it soaks in, it will stiffen when it cools. Look up cuir bouilli for more info on either of those :slight_smile:


Great video and products! Thanks for sharing!!

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