Experimenting with liquid epoxy


So I have been wanting to make some engravings filled with liquid acrylic. The first attempt was with untreated wood and the acrylic bled into the grain.

So after this i glued 2 boards together and coated them with sanding sealer.

After engraving i sanded it (the scorch marks away from the edges mainly) and applied another coat of sanding sealer.

Then i filled the engraves with liquid acrylic mixed with different colors of pigment using a syringe. Then sanded and applied a layer of clear coat.

Then let it dry and sanded again using 400 grit sandpaper and applied another layer of clear coat, its drying now.


“Liquid Acrylic”? Go on… Never heard of such a thing.


That’s really nice looking. And I second @evansd2 request for more information!


My bad, I’ve been sanding on it so much it feels like hard plastic. Liquid epoxy is what was used.


Gotcha, makes perfect sense! Either way, great work!


Did you add the pigment yourself or was it a set of colored epoxies?


Added the pigment, i bought a sample pack of many colors, 3 grams each.




This looks gorgeous! A lot of steps but it really paid off.


Oh great! Something else to try. (Looks stunning!) :smile:


Beautiful work.


Can you post a link? All the epoxies I have used get nasty yellow with age.


I have no idea about it getting yellow with age, but its nice and crystal clear now.

(Edited because i found the actual receipt on Amazon)


Beautiful turnout!