Experimenting with pixelated depth maps

So I was going for a 3d surface that looked like a grid of square columns. It would be possible to do that but the process of aligning them all sounded like a hassle, so instead I cut 16 layers with “stepped” edges to approximate the look. I used dowels to align the layers. Whole thing is friction fit, I didn’t bother to mask.

I hurried and didn’t refine my model much, I just wanted something with some depth to do the proof of concept.

I consider the concept proven. The look could be refined by etching vertical lines on the face, would look like individual columns at that point. Now to see if I can come up with an application…


Nice thinking.
Always more than one way to get to the same place.

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Minecraft! :grinning:


Pretty cool! I was thinking Mayan pyramids myself…

My son would approve.

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