Experimenting with Pop-up Evergreen Tree


Been playing around with creating a pop-up Christmas card. Maybe ya’all can learn from this or edjakate me a bit. The .zip has the .svg. The picture on the bottom is just a .png to look at here. Red is score (at 500/15 for my .01" cardstock) and black is cut (500/30 and 2 passes). For the final version, I’ll mask the side facing down in the laser bed and make that the viewable part as the side facing up looks a bit dark. Masking could help there, too, I suppose. Or different settings. More experimentation to come.

christmastreecard.zip (2.7 KB)

Cutting paper/cardstock - edges

Get this down and oh the places you can go.

There is some kind of inspiration here at least once a day. Today it hit early.


Some other notes:

  • The distance from the bottom of the tree to the bottom of the card needs to be at least the same as the height of the tree. Placing it a bit further back would allow for a smaller “card.” Shoulda done half-way through the tree for the middle score line, not half-way through the tree+supports.
  • The measurement of the support should be the distance from the center to the bottom of the tree.
  • Final version will have decorative cutouts in the tree.


Sweet. I love making pop-up cards with my Silhouette. People have some amazing designs out there. Thanks for sharing the process.


Very nice! I love pop-up cards. :grinning:


I need to get some card stock now… Nice!


Fantastic! Thank you for the gift to the community.