Experiments with non proofgrade

We just got ours in and set up on Friday giving me the weekend to go crazy… so I did.

Found an engraving test pattern and a cut test pattern on the forums here (thanks BTW super useful). And made my own test pattern for multiple passes testing.

Black Granite (or marble?) scrap from my parents kitchen rennovation. the upper corrner was at Full power and 100 speed. I chipped off the the bubbles before the image was taken.

Cardboard engraving. I really should have written down the power settings used but there are no burns and the depth is only about half the paper width. The cardboard is from the box the proofgrade materials came in.

Found a junked and distroyed award in storage. gave the back a trial run using the settings for proofgrade draftboard scoring. Used some cheap packing tape as a cover to reduce the smoke scorching.

Mirror backing. 1000 speed and 50% power. Needed to up the LPI for the mirror side to look right but works for a proof of concept.

There were some rocks in a planter outside… I Figgured why not see what full power can do. (also at full speed cut)

Pink marble? Check! The etch is amazing at higher powers of cut. At lower powers, it didn’t seem to affect the finish and instead etched just below that. (notice the reflection) on the first spiral.

Beveled glass? No problem. except on high power where the glass liquifies and causes a heat fracture.

Low power with multiple passes is super detailed, far beyond what I could get with my rotary engraver.

and I had to try the Chromebook body plastic. This is a super low power cut and at each of the corners is creates a point. engrave settings are super touchy with this material so more experimentation is required. (oh darn :smiley:)


Nice results on the marble! :grinning:

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Tried an image as well. It’ll need a bit more fine tuning but not bad from arm’s length.


Great start! It looks like I need to do some digging for cast off material and rocks. I did try brick and it came out great. Concrete - not so much. I haven’t tried glass yet.

Really nice, thanks for experimenting. This community is awesome!

Did you ever find the right setting for the Chrome Book?

Chromebooks most commonly use ABS plastic. I use 90/1000/35 with the focus offset by about 0.3 in. for direct focus I use 40/1000/170