Exploring depth/height map textures


@mpipes dropped me into this rabbit hole, and I am still freefalling.
This thing is so much fun. :crazy_face:

Don’t know the wood species, the wood came from a Hickory Farms box they put your sausage and cheese in. it just happened to have been rendered into proper dimensions for laser fodder, so I pulled the staples and kept it.
I scrubbed it down with Fast Orange and toothbrush, water rinse. Cleaned really well, but raised the wood fibers on this stuff. That pumice hand cleaner is hard cutting, and the water is sucked right into it.

The ability to sculpt with a beam energy was science fiction in my lifetime. I love this thing. :star_struck::heart_eyes:


That is just as freaking cool when you do it as when @mpipes does it! (Next year, by gosh, I’m gonna play!) :smile:


Looks like poplar to me. I have used it for 3D engraving and had good results.:grinning:


Except he can generate these! I snagged them from a search… I need to be more diligent in attributing the work of others. My mouth drops open, and I can’t wait to throw some material in the laser! So I forget to get the name. :roll_eyes:
Zbrush should have been on my Christmas list - but then I would chase him off by asking questions.


BAHAHAHAHA!!! :rofl::biking_man:


Ohmygosh, that chain mail engraving is amazing!


That’s what prompted me to share it! The ability to laser 3D texture is wonderful :star_struck:


I am learning Inkscape so I can be ready in the spring when the :glowforge: arrives, but have not figured out how to have the shading follow the shape without using brute force in Blender


These experiments are captivating. Feel free to keep posting as they print. :slight_smile: