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This is my first post. I’ve just received my Glowforge and have been playing to learn the features.

I downloaded the mailbox design to give to our mail lady. I’d changed it up a little and it came out fine. However, I wondered how to go about inquiring on a design.

For example, I couldn’t move the images (magic mailbox, letters to etc.) but I could ignore them and out my images on top. This made it very difficult to really see the design over the other. Am I missing something? I really wanted to export the file, tweak it and then print. I couldn’t do this and wondered why?

In addition, I wanted to recommend that they include a front brace (which I made) to allow for the cover to close better. The living hinge is too flexible for a smooth close otherwise. How do we go about making suggestions?



Thanks for any feedback. I did attach a couple of images.


You will not be able to export the design files from the catalog, only the images you add. This is because the design itself does not belong to you, you are only given the rights to cut them and sell them. And ignoring the parts that show text and adding your own on top right now is the only solution since you cannot export the original design.

As for the improvement, I’m not sure how to suggest an edit besides emailing support with your suggestion.

I haven’t cut the mailbox yet, so I’m not familiar with the assembly. But your mailbox is very cute and I’m sure the gift will be appreciated.


What @CMadok said…
I also made if for our mailman and is 2 yr old to play with. I wish I had thought to add something so it would close better - you did good!


Thanks so much for responding. I thought that was the reason (exporting) but would have loved the images on the box to not be locked so they could at least be moved aside. Maybe I’ll email support to make that suggestion.

Again, thanks so much!!!

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