Exporting outline from print page

Does anyone know a way to export the outline of an image when you create it with the new Beta features? For example I am trying to make some items for a local brewery and their logo has a relatively complex outline. I used the Beta features to create the outline to cut it out which works flawlessly. But I want to take that outline and export it to a file I can work with and that is what I am having trouble figuring out.

There is no export feature from the Glowforge UI.

You are going to need to use your applications’ ability to create an outline. What software are you using? It’s pretty trivial in Inkscape, for example.

I am using Inkscape, I have made outlines of things before using Inkscape but the Gloforge UI one was better than what I did lol. Unless I am missing something with using Inkscape. I normally just use the Beizier pen to make the outlines.

Use the “outset” or “offset” path functions.

They have a lot of parameters that can be adjusted to give you the size and “smoothness” options you prefer. Very well documented.


Awesome thank you!

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