Extended list of engravable materials

We know what is already listed on the website. But has anyone tried other materials and have had success? Maybe failed? Carbon fiber, vinyl, plants, etc.

I know vinyl is pretty much right out. It releases chlorine gas when lasered which is bad for both your health and the laser.

Carbon fiber is supposed to be really hard to cut. From the FAQs of the carbon fiber sheet inventables sells:

“Hi Scott, We had Lee (above) test with his 120 Watt laser. It did not work well at all. When cutting, it will not penetrate the carbon portion well, and causes a lot of burn to the binder material. However, it did engrave fairly well. When engraving, it goes right through the binder and exposes the carbon fiber.”

Plants should be fine. I guess that would all depend on what kind of plant and its individual properties. Wood is just a plant after all :stuck_out_tongue:

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Carbon fiber sucks. Fiberglass (cured with resin) will etch but doesn’t cut well. Fiberglass cloth was a fail the one time I tried it.

Chocolate works though - if you don’t overpower it, the chocolate tastes fine. Too much power/too slow and it tastes burned. Etching only. :slightly_smiling_face:


I used to work as a pastry chef.
Burnt chocolate is one of those smells… it just lingers like the smell of burnt popcorn. Not a fan


While I am not too keen on their marketing (ahem glowforge-haters), I liked Voccell’s materials list.


Another good list.